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Telegram bots have always felt very janky for me in the past (cc @liveink) but these new capabilities should make them far more usable. Here's a brief demo of the @youtube bot:
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@rrhoover @liveink @youtube I loved them before thanks to @Chatfuel. I get all my notifications sent to Telegram now thanks to amazing integration with Zapier (and to a lesser degree IFTTT)
@chrismessina They work really well. I tried out @Youtube in a message to share a video ๐Ÿ˜Œ
@gabriel__lewis @chrismessina Open but completely secure, I can get used to this.
This bot influx is getting ridiculous. Love it!
Love this. Using it on all my devices and it just keeps getting better. Can't stop spamming the @gif
@gif @ddulic92 same here. I've all devices set up with Telegram and is my productivity hub.
Love Telegram. The cross-device message read state syncing is flawless.