Telegram 3.0

Chat in private or groups — now with smart Telegram Bots

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BIG fan of Telegram. It's on my homescreen, house to "Hooverville" (a group chat with my family) and another large, private group of friends/startup folks.
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@rrhoover on my homescreen as well :)
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! Here is a movie bot for Telegram
Telegram just updated it's iOS app with a very smart way of using chatbots. When adding a chatbot (by it's username) a smart keyboard will pop up with the options you could use for this bot. Interesting to see where Telegram is going! Read more on it here: Edit: This version also includes Apple Watch support!
Telegram rulez.
Big fan, it's in my homescreen and desktop. But we see little adoption at least here in the Philippines. Would be great if they can add the @ functionality that Slack has to it