Teamwork Projects

Big picture project management software.

Teamwork Projects is project management software that frees your team to focus on the outcomes that matter to your business — from delivering on clients' goals, to executing marketing campaigns, to sprint planning and product launches.

  • Valerio Neri
    Valerio NeriGeneralist / IT & Processes

    Great feature set, amazing API, constant updates


    Price model was nicer before

    This tool has the best deal in combining several ways of managing projects, initiatives or tasklists. Either you like and need gantt charts or want to start with a simple checklist: you’re covered. Nested subtasks support every detail-freak. The API let‘s you do everything; combined with web hooks: endless power. Customer support has always been great!

    Valerio Neri has used this product for one year.
  • Tiffany Bellah, VA
    Tiffany Bellah, VARemote working mom

    So many metrics! Very customizable and easy to share with my clients.


    I'd like to see like linking invoices to a company not project, group messaging features and better integration with Google calendar

    My team of virtual assistants use this platform to share tasks related to dance studio management.

    Tiffany Bellah, VA has used this product for one month.
In heavy use - we love the UX!
@adamslieb is probably the expert on these type of tools. Seems like he's tried every team collaboration tool shared on Product Hunt.
The best project manager i've tried, and the one i use every day to manage tasks and bugs. I use it to : - manage projects with clients - ask features and quality control(bugs) with developers - ask things and check the ongoing with virtual assistants The UX is very good in some of its details, for instance you can just "paste" (cmd+v..) a picture you have made (let's say you just screen captured a bug) and the image will show directly into your message.
Great tool. Really similar to Redbooth from a feature perspective.
Hiding common storage integrations (e.g. Dropbox, Box) behind increasingly expensive product tiers is extremely annoying. So with personal, I get zero integrations. Double the price, and you'll let me have Google Drive, but not Box or Dropbox. Double it again, and THEN I get them? No thanks. How about letting us choose which integrations we want, so we can work the way WE need to?