This is a significant update of the Teamup app for Android. Now you can see the calendar not only in the agenda view but also in the day, week and month views. The location in each event is linked to Google Maps. And it's possible to upload images directly from your device (Premium feature). It does require to have a calendar created at in a web browser as the app is a companion product of the web version of Teamup Calendar. If you use multiple Teamup Calendars that are associated with different groups, add them to the dashboard so you can keep them separate yet all easily accessible within the app. Teamup Calendar takes out the pain out of organizing, scheduling and sharing calendar information in groups. No user accounts are required. All you need is a web link that can be opened in any web browser or connected with the mobile app. Nine levels of access permissions are centrally and efficiently managed by the group administrator. Getting started is simple and free.
The title led me to think that this is for Android 2.0. May be it should say "Teamup Calendar 2.0 for Android" instead?
@chakkaradeep Thank you! You're right - changed now to avoid the confusion. It was in fact a major update of the Android app.