Tinder, but for creating teams at work.

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surely an april fools
This is amazing in every way possible.
@bentossell I am glad it is no longer April Fools' here in Australia
Why is it so easy for tech companies to be so convincingly self-mocking? πŸ€”
I will start by saying that there is a chance this is an early April Fools thing.. but if it's not, SMART! Atlassian and Tinder team up to make forming teams at work easier, by swiping 😊
@nivo0o0 It is April 1st in Melbourne.
This does seem like an April Fools joke, although something like this actually has potential for collaboration in the context of the gig economy. Nevertheless, kind of funny how sometimes it is hard to tell whether an idea is genius or a joke!
Kind of a good idea