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Hey Product Hunters! My name is Max, and I'm excied to share Teambl with you. Teambl helps you make a product or team blog using Slack, without changing behavior. It monitor selected channels and publish posts and comments to your page like (soon). Use WYSIWYG Slack editor. Just create a `Post` in Slack channel. We’ll do the rest! My team is on the Angelhack hackathon now. We made this tool for 24 hours and this is our very MVP version. Please be lenient with us, that's what we had for one day and one night. And the next will be more interesting :) There is lots in the pipeline: - Multiple channels as blog columns - Custom domains - Private blogs - Analytics - Bot commands etc. We hope that this tool will help Slack teams in creating pretty simple newspapers. Big thanks to all the Alpha testers. Just add Teambl to your Slack. We promise to keep it free for everyone who signs up during month :) We will happy to get everyone’s feedback!
Gonna give it a try.
You really need to explain how it works. Love the idea behind it, it's exactly what we would use for our internal communication. We are missing a blog where I can go to check the latest updates. Wordpress uses an internal Wordpress blog for this, for example. Buffer also. It seems that this is especially interesting for Remote teams. We would use it to publish a few posts about the current progress and have it without the clutter of constant communication and new messages moving important posts down in the slack channels. The slack auth worked for now, but it's just showing an empty site with our name written on top. Don't know how to publish posts, this needs to be addressed on the website. Good luck with the work, well done for a hackathon.
@kivilicom thank you for your great review! We'll create usage guide. And simplify the setup process. Now you should do the following: - Add Teambl bot to your slack - You'll get a page like with the name of your Team - Invite Teambl bot in selected channels - Write a post with this button: - Share the post for channel. Wait for several seconds. Your post will appear on your team page.
Hi This is cool. I love the concept! I clicked "Create Blog" and authenticate Teambl with Slack community I manage. But nothing happen...
@kzynakamura sorry for bugs. Product changes now in real time. Try to add Teambl bot in your channel, please
@maxim_kolpakov Mmm... Tried again just a sec ago. Nothing happened by clicking "Create Blog". It seems it called `` but no response. I also clicked "My Blog" on right side of top bar, but nothing happens... Maybe we can discuss this at @kzynakamura Twitter. You can DM me.
@kzynakamura Ok. We are now on hackathon. I'll DM you in one hour