A party in your pants

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I like the part where it says "turn down for what?" Perfect Friday hunt, @abramdawson. @joshelman might want to invest in this.
@rrhoover the best is when you get going fast and it's just "t-t-t-t-t-t-t"
@rrhoover @abramdawson woa! I think i am deaf now :P
@andreasklinger ah sorry about that! At first we didn't set volume to 100%, which caused some people not to hear the sound and ruined the experience. It's for sure a bit harsh as is...I hope there's no long term damage! Sorry! #TD4W
@abramdawson no worries. totally worth it!
@rrhoover @abramdawson @joshelman I love this app! I sporadically turn it on in the office when it's most silent and it creates a sense of euphoria in the office. P.s. Currently we are turning it down for what.
Turn down for what?! @baker and I wanted to build the stupidest thing we could think'd we do?
@abramdawson mission accomplished!nnSeriously though, when would someone use this?
@tymrtn -- church.nnJk, there's not exactly an intended use case. We wanted to build ann app where the entire functionality occurred upon opening it.nnI've found myself opening this to lighten the mood or raise energy levels (i.e., to battle the post-lunch food coma, get the party going on a Friday night, kill the awkward silence in your Lyft, etc). Most people hear this (since we turn volume to 100 and don't observe mute switch) and start laughing and look at you like you've just been punk'd (cc @aplusk)...which is kind of how I feel every time I open it :)
@rrhooover #FeatureRequest ability to edit comments :)
@abramdawson nicely explained. Thx!
I've now used the app twice. It's growing on me as a tool of mischief.
Nice BI write-up by @ajs. LOL: Last evening at an SV Angel event, Dawson was mocking his own creation. "I'll invest $100 at a $400 valuation," one investor joked. "Sold!" Dawson laughed.
When are you coming out with an android version?
@jayzalowitz Hopefully within the next week... cc @baker
@jayzalowitz nothing yet...our Android friend had a big event this weekend and hasn't gotten around to pulling this together
Kind of obnoxious how it automatically put the volume on max but that's definitely intentional