Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could make a Trello List into a Tasklist? Well now you can with this Chrome extension.

NOTE: This is basically a total re-write of my previous extension Trello Tasks with a bunch more features such as per-list settings, faster updates and enhanced board settings.

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@biraj Yes sort of, its a total rewrtite with many new features
Just the thing I needed! Thanks for building this.
@aakars my pleasure
Do the cards get archived or deleted or both when ticked off?
@orliesaurus yep, with premium enabled
If you are sharing a board with someone else and they also have your extension, do they see that I have completed tasks if I check them off?
@wmpitcher Yes you will :)
Love everything about Trello! Well done, guys @mikeysee
@lorenzo_fiori my pleasure, thanks for the comment :)
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