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What is Tidily?
From your day to day tasks to your projects everything in one simple app with no distractions. No more jumping around between apps like Google Keep for tasks, Trello for projects, Teuxdeux for weekly planning or calendar for monthly planning. Tidily does it all - Faster, Easier, Simpler.

Tidily tech stack

We're aware of 6 technologies that Tidily is built with. Tidily utilizes products like Google Fonts, Cloudflare in their tech stack

Recent launches

Tidily.io 2.0

Tidily is a simple task manager that

1. Lets you manage your project boards.

2. Helps you plan your day, week, month.

3. Keeps you accountable with it's task backlog.

4. Lets you capture quick thoughts in inbox.

5. Offers a super fast experience with offline support.


Simple yet multi-functional todo webapp.

from todo lists to daily kanban to color coding..we've got you covered..for free!

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