Trello Tasks

A Chrome extension that adds checkboxes to Trello

Turns Trello into a tasklist. Adds a checkbox next to each card so a task can quickly and easily be marked as done.

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@mikeysee tell us why you just NEEDED check-boxes πŸ™ƒ
Very cool. What happens to a card once it's been checked off? Does the card become archived?
@bentossell Hey Ben, I wrote a blog post on that very topic if you are interested:
@johnrmeese Nope, it does not archive the card, just checks it off so you can see it still.
This makes me happy.
Rad. Looking forward to try this. Is there a way to easily turn on and off since some of my boards aren't todos
@msg Hey, turning on and off per board is coming, let me know which feature to work on next by up-voting it:
Doesn't seem to work for me... :( Did I need to do something, there's no instruction.
@francisperron Didn't work for me either. Disappointing, I disabled the plugin after a few tries. Checkboxes never appeared. @mikeysee
@johnrmeese @francisperron Hey guys, sorry about that, there was an issue on OSX it seems. I have fixed that now in version 1.6, id love it if you gave it another go and let me know what you think!
@mikeysee @francisperron I'm not using OSX, I'm using Chrome OS.
But.. but.. stickers!!