TaskPaper 3

Plain text to-do lists for Mac

  • Pros: 

    Easy and awesome and portable


    None that I can think of

    Task paper is great for quick task lists. My only wish is that .taskpaper was as widely recognised as Markdown

    Lewis Smith has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    It's fast and simple just enough. And the taskpaper files can be open by almost every text editor just like txt file.


    Maybe it can show the hotkeys when the window has focus? Those hotkeys are core functions but very hard to be remembered.

    Great tool to increase your productivity, big fan, worth a try.

    Alan Sun has used this product for one year.
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For a little history on why I created TaskPaper: From 2001 to 2007 I created and worked on another program called Mori. My goal was to create the perfect information manager. I added all the feature that I thought I wanted, but for some reason it never worked well for me. Instead of using Mori I would find myself writing my notes and to-do's in plain text files on my Desktop. As you might guess this was a little frustrating. I tried to use Mori, but I kept going back to my text files. In the end I sold Mori, and continued to make my lists in text files. But, text files aren't perfect. My to-do list text files were always messy. Being free to make a mess is important to me, but without any structure I got overwhelmed as my lists grew large. To get more organized I started adding the simplest structure that I could think of to my lists. For each project, I typed the project name and ended that line with a colon. For each task, I Tab indented it under its project and started the line with a dash followed by a space. project 1: - task1 - task2 - task3 I typed everything else in free form and called those lines notes. That small amount of structure made a big difference. I could still be as messy as I wanted to be, but I always had this simple structure to fall back on. My lists now had a structure, even if some parts were still messy. I continued to tweak the system and turned it into TaskPaper. TaskPaper now has more tricks, but at its core it's a simple system for list making in a plain text file. — Jesse
I'm a big fan of your products :) I have three critiques for you guys: - it would be nice if we change the color from red - it would be nice if the folding sections would be triangles instead of circle - it would be nice if there was an iOS app with storage on iCloud
@msavin Thanks > - it would be nice if we change the color from red I want to keep red for the icon/website/marketing. It's what I used in TaskPaper 1.0 and I just like it. But you can remove red from the actual app UI theme. Paste the following into your theme file: @tint-color: rgb(0, 122, 255); More info at: http://guide.taskpaper.com/creat... > - it would be nice if the folding sections would be triangles instead of circle I might eventually make this a theme option. I originally started with triangles, but ended up changing to circles because for me they looked cleaner. They are also for drag and drop of item, so not just folding. > - it would be nice if there was an iOS app with storage on iCloud Maybe some day in the future, but I don't have plans for that now. I'm just a single developer, and building for iOS takes a lot of extra work, and sales aren't great. (I had iOS versions before). Instead I recommend these apps for editing TaskPaper files on other platforms including iOS: http://support.hogbaysoftware.co...
Most of the time I keep a small text file with tasks, TaskPaper makes this a lot better. I was big fan of TaskPaper 2 and liking TaksPaper 3 so far :)
@rstankov Thanks, and great to here!
And for a future on what's next: Issue tracker: https://github.com/hbsw/tp-issues More generally there is some question/tension about adding new features without messing up the app simplicity. For example should inline markdown formatting get added? Wouldn't hurt anything really, but does start to make the app seem more complicated.