Trump vs Clinton: a sentiment analysis on Twitter mentions

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Federico Pascual
Federico PascualMaker@federicopascual · COO @MonkeyLearn.
Hi all! Federico here from MonkeyLearn. Please let us know any questions about Tarsier! We feel that is a simple but powerful tool that helps understanding how people are talking about the candidates on social media. If interested in our insights, check out this related post: https://blog.monkeylearn.com/don...
Leonel More
Leonel More@leonelmore · I can build/scale your product
@federicopascual @raulgarreta nice one. It's funny to see most people use twitter to blame the other instead to support his candidate :)
Federico Pascual
Federico PascualMaker@federicopascual · COO @MonkeyLearn.
@leonelmore @raulgarreta yeah, its interesting (and kinda sad) to see how most of the people just complain, instead of proposing or discussing ideas.
Franco Correa
Franco Correa@francorreasosa · Software Engineer from Montevideo
Go Uruguayan Software! 🇺🇾 🎉