Taplytics Push Notification Guide

A mobile marketer's guide to optimizing push performance

Everything you need to know about push notifications.

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Thanks for the shoutout!
@psantloki No problem Prasant - Thank YOU for making the experience of buying flights so much easier and less of an involved task for me!

Push notifications are hard since a lot of us view them as annoying forms of communication. Every marketer should be armed with the basics and this is it!


A lot great examples in here! I personally use Hopper and never miss a flight because of heir push notifications!


Not every push example is in here, but then again that's hard to

A concise guide on push notification strategies in one handy ebook!
Thanks for the Wayfair shoutout! We think a lot about optimizing our Push Notifications. Glad it's getting noticed!
@arpitgupta As a Wayfair user, I LOVE how you're engaging your user base, especially with the rich push notifications to stand out from the other noise. I'm curious of the personas that your team has created and how do you speak to them?
Thanks for the support on Product Hunt today! We were really excited to put this Ebook together as a way to continually help brands create better mobile experiences for you. As mobile grows, push notifications are a ‘bonus’ channel to bring further value to customers. Unfortunately, some brands aren’t aware of the evolution of notifications, and are using them in the same old spammy fashion. We’re all suffering from push notification fatigue, and brands who are able to determine what information is truly valuable and when are the ones who will create the best possible experience for their users! We'd love to hear what you think hear about our observations and your experience with push notifications - Do they align with where you find real value from pushes? Which brands do you think do the best job at providing real value? Hopper is my personal favourite as an example in the book - their pushes are catered to my personal preferences, and full of precise, valuable information that gives me a clear motivation to open the app and engage.