Tap for developers

Developing new functions and use cases for the Tap


Tap for developers is typing at your finger tips literally... Without a keyboard.

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Ziv Rubin
Kostas Tsakalidis
Evie Smith
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  • Kostas Tsakalidis
    Kostas TsakalidisCTO, Relay Marketing Services Greece

    The system is really cool


    The pricetag is a bit high

    I don't own the product, I was averted by the pricetag

    Kostas Tsakalidis has never used this product.
  • Evie Smith
    Evie SmithFounder / Rebellious PR

    The input system they have created in v cool!


    It takes a little time to learn

    The product is very well made and I'm excited to see what developers do with the SDK.

    Evie Smith has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Facinating new data entry that enables AR to work better


    Not much to do other than data entry ...yet

    I have this product. It is easy to learn, though it takes practice to build up speed. I am excited to see where developers take it.

    Judith Sullivan has used this product for one month.