Tap for developers

Developing new functions and use cases for the Tap

Tap for developers is typing at your finger tips literally... Without a keyboard.

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Thank you Philip for hunting us! we are excited to be here! I am writing this note to introduce myself and to express my feelings of gratitude and excitement. Together with us, you are spearheading a new era in the evolution of digital technology. I am the inventor of Tap, the founder and CEO of Tap Systems, Inc.. My background is in Electrical Engineering, and I have developed and brought to market breakthrough technologies which have transformed industries, such as introducing solid-state digital x-rays into the medical industry. Of all of my various innovations, Tap has been the most ambitious, challenging and exciting project. Tap began in 2014 when the problem of how humans would efficiently communicate with one another - considering the growth of Virtual and Augmented reality technologies - began fascinating me. As I gradually became obsessed with this problem, I studied hundreds of proposed technologies. The more I investigated, the more convinced I became that a radically different method was required. From this process, Tap was born. As I dove deeper into tapping, and began exploring the technical barriers and options, I became convinced that Tap would be the ideal Input Modality of the Future. It is the kind of solution that carries the most rare of qualities – it is inevitable. Once people try it, they quickly understand that this new input system is how we should work. Bringing Tap from a conceptual idea that existed only in my own mind into a real life working solution that it is today has been a fantastic experience. Tap is a new technology, and will continue to evolve over time. That said I am already so proud of what we have accomplished – together with your support - we have given birth to an entirely new method of communication. We are constantly working to make Tap better in all ways – improving detection accuracy, accommodating a wider variety of surfaces, adding features and languages, and improving our compatibility with more devices. I am especially appreciative of suggestions for improvement and reports of the limits that you are finding in using Tap. This is invaluable information which helps us continue to perfect Tap as we all go forward together. Thank you for joining me and the amazing team at Tap - together we can change the world. I invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions, feedbacks and to ask me anything!
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@dovid_schick what a striking solution to wearable tech! Excited to get my hands on this!
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The product is very well made and I'm excited to see what developers do with the SDK.


The input system they have created in v cool!


It takes a little time to learn

Looks awesome.

I don't own the product, I was averted by the pricetag


The system is really cool


The pricetag is a bit high

I have this product. It is easy to learn, though it takes practice to build up speed. I am excited to see where developers take it.


Facinating new data entry that enables AR to work better


Not much to do other than data entry ...yet