Google’s new short video making app 🎬

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 04, 2020
Tangi is a social video sharing app from Area 120, Google’s workshop for experimental products. In which users will get to learn new things and they will also be able to share creative skills with friends.
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Seriously?!?!? Google launches new app and only for iOS ...the owner of Android?!?! Come on!!
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@andrei_marmureanu they've done this so many times and it's annoying. I guess they want to test with the smaller group of users
@andrei_marmureanu Google is a stinky mess! They should stick with what they do best - sniffing into peoples lives and selling them ads based on that. They fail at anything else!
Do you think they wrote the "Google will no longer support Tangi" announcement, so they have it ready when the time comes?
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@rustydlacombe Created by Area 120. it is a workshop for Google's experimental products.
Countdown to when Google decide to shutdown this app?
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@paul_kevin Yeah. Especially with such stupid name and .co - they are idiots, in my opinion.
@paul_kevin @nikolay I guess they still own the tangi.com domain. God knows why .co is their main domain.
Feels a bit like Jumprope. Will check it out.
This is really cool. Hope it is released on Android soon