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Jumprope is the place to discover, create, and share step-by-step how-to videos. You don’t need any video-editing experience to create recipes, beauty tutorials, fitness routines and more that you can export to all your favorite social platforms.
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👋🏻Hi Makers!! We’re Jake and Travis, co-founders of Jumprope. We’ve always geeked out on learning new things and showing other people how we do them. We’re building Jumprope for anyone who wants to create a how-to or discover how to do anything. --- Discover → Ever been frustrated trying to learn discover something new from a YouTube video that doesn’t stop and start where you need it to? We’ve built a step-by-step format that’s purpose-made for how-to’s. Create → Don’t have video editing skills, but want to make an engaging and useful how-to video? Jumprope makes it easy for anyone to create a step-by-step how-to. Export Anywhere → Don’t want to re-edit your how-to videos in different aspect ratios for different social platforms? Jumprope automatically creates videos formatted for IG, Stories, YouTube, FB, Pinterest all at the same time. --- We can’t wait for you to show us how it’s done. Any / all feedback is appreciated!!
@jakeposes Will this be available for Android too?
@lisapatb We are planning to release on Android later this year. We know many people are eager to have it on Android, and it's a priority for us.
@lisapatb @jakeposes hope to see this on Android soon! The design is amazing and I love that you can export videos to use on any platform!!
I love Jumprope. Amazing team, amazing product, and yes, nothing drives me crazier than a three-minute YouTube video about how to do something when the only part I care about is one specific ten-second step somewhere in the middle.
@waseem Do you guys use this at Pilot? I was thinking this would be solid for product demos, but it doesnt seem to have a web app. Or am I just missing it @jakeposes ?
@mike_seekwell I use it to learn how to do random things—we don't use it at Pilot. (Yet, anyway? I honestly hadn't considered that use case :P)
Love the UX of this app. What's the most surprising how to (or do you call it a "rope"?) you've seen made with the app, @jakeposes. 🤔
@rrhoover I'm glad you love the UX. Like all great things, it's the product of a lot of iteration. We call them Jumpropes. This Jumprope surprised me in that I actually think I could legit learn to do this pairs yoga move: https://jumprope.com/g/how-to-co... I definitely watched this one over and over again even though I have no intention of ever loading a horse into a trailer: https://jumprope.com/g/how-totra...
As a designer, I have to say I absolutely love the logo, branding, colors - just about all the visuals of the brand. As someone who uses YouTube for tutorials, love the idea. It's frustrating having to consistently pause & rewind on YouTube. For users, loving the ability to easily export to all other platforms. Wishing the team all the success in the world with Jumprope!
@rpnickson my thoughts exactly!
As a designer, just have to say love your logo :) Re: the product, what's in it for the people creating them?