Truly simple video chat and screen sharing for groups

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interesting, but how is this better than squiggle, or other group video chat competitors?
@eriktorenberg It's free and you don't need to sign up / download anything. You can start now at
You can create your own room, invite by URL and optionally set a password. Without creating an account! While you wait for others to join your chat, there's a funny little game called Lander built right into the interface.
nice and simple
I really like it, is amazing! One thing that I miss is text chat.
@enricenrich looks like real-time text is now available; right bottom corner.
Awesome. I'll be hanging out in for the next 15 minutes or so (mostly because the lander game is awesome.)
@willimholte loving the sound effects when you drag the little ship along the bottom of your browser. Hilarious
@rustydingo Right? Also, it's a nice way to make sure my browser is actually using the correct audio I/O. (Surprisingly difficult). Though I think they should incorporate something to indicate the microphone is also working.
@willimholte maybe you can say a command like "initiate self destruct" to test if your microphone works. Then if successful a countdown begins...