Taledo is the leading digital recruiting platform in Germany

Taledo is a curated recruiting platform connecting the top 10% of candidates with top companies in the digital ecosystem. Candidates can sign up in 2 minutes and get matched with the most innovative companies.

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Suggestion: add a way to join with LinkedIn and create/import my profile from there
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@johntheoak Thanks a lot Joao, your feedback is much appreciated! This feature is on our list and will be finished soon.
Dear Producthunters, We created StartupCVs in order to faciliate the recruiting process of startups. Our exec team hired - for themselves - more than 300 startup colleagues and have had more than 1000 interviews during the last 3 years. ​We know the "hassle". This is why we decided to include a FREE plan for startups that allows them to try out and get in touch with top talent directly on our platform. You can request a login via the following link:​ ​https://startupcvs.com/contact We are very much looking forward to meeting exciting startups. Kind regards, The StartupCVs team
Love it. Is there a component for startups to also highlight their businesses to prospective job seekers? I'd be interested in that.
@ryanpaugh You mean like a job board? :)
@dan_e_gray No, more like a dedicated page where companies like mine can paint a portrait of their company culture and why we believe that we're a great place to work.
@dan_e_gray @ryanpaugh Ryan, with "painting a portrait of their company culture" you have put it very well, thanks.
Ryan - can you write us an email on that to support@StartupCVs.com? Would love to hear your ideas. If we´re sharing the same thought - i can give you some feedback on that :)
@StartupCVs Sure, I'll email you when I have a min later today.
Would you pay me to submit my CV? What is the business model behind this?
@bogomep it's free for candidates and they have a free plan for startups as well
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@chnsydney Why I should give my CV for free?
@bogomep would you like to be seen by startups to be contacted to get a job?
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@chnsydney I can find the job I want on angel list. Resumes are not the solution. We know this. They create information density rather than filtering.
@chnsydney I have been contacted by many of them, ìthout posting my CV :)