The Uber for travel agents

The first app that allows anyone to become a travel agent and earn money on peer-to-peer hotel recommendations.
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Hey Everyone, I’d like to introduce you all to takeabed! The first app that allows anyone to become a travel agent and earn money on peer-to-peer hotel recommendations. With takeabed, all you need to become a travel agent (Independent Contractor) is an account, smartphone (iPhone or Android) and you’re ready to go. Our app is free to download and allows anyone to earn up to 15% commission of the total price you recommend. We also have a paid membership takeabed PLUS that allows you to have access to wholesale rates and up to 30% commission of the total price. As an example, if you recommend a hotel booking that costs $1,500 your earnings would be up to $450. By building takeabed we’re solving multiple problems for both travel end-consumers and anyone looking for a part-time, full-time or side-hustle opportunity. For travel end-consumers, we’re putting the human touch into the booking process that the travel industry is missing. This allows travelers to get a peer-to-peer hotel recommendation from the people who have been the places they want to go to​. All while saving them time, money and stress. For stay at home parents, digital nomads, students and anyone looking to work remote we allow them to have an opportunity to make a living while working within their lifestyle. That’s because as a takeabed travel agent you can work from anywhere, anytime and sell to anyone. How Does It Work: - Sign up for Free - Search by Destination or Hotel - Select the Hotel You Want to Recommend - Share a Recommendation via Link. A recommendation can be shared via text, email or social media and opened from any device to book securely. Once your recommendation is booked you earn money. Our team is here to answer any questions you have about takeabed.
How do you vet the quality of the user recommendations? Also, if I'm new to the platform and 6 different users are "selling" the same hotel, whose listing do I see first? Is it based on a reputation rank of the sellers?
@james_veraldi1 each takeabed travel agent has ​a recommendation rating​ that works similar to uber's driver and rider rating system. After your customer's checkout, they will be prompted to rate your recommendation. These ratings are visible to anyone you recommend a hotel. As for who's hotel listing you see first, it's based on what takeabed travel agent you choose to work with. They each have a custom booking link attached to their recommendation.
Hi, how is takeabed different from TRVL.com ?
Hi @clmntdjn, there are​ a few major differences. The first being that TRVL is an aggregator of hotels and pays a commission based on an affiliate model. This means when you book a hotel with them you're directed to book through booking.com or one of their aggregated suppliers. When you book with takeabed you're not directed to another platform, you book on takeabed. We're also available on both iOS and Android. They are only available on iOS. Another great feature on takeabed not available on TRVL is "Adjustable Earnings" we allow our users to control their commission percentages so you can maximize your customer's​ savings by lowering your commission or increase your earnings by raising your commission. This allows you to be more competitive as a travel agent against OTAs and sites like TRVL. Finally but definitely​ not least​ we act as your personal support team... This means you handle the bookings we handle the rest.
Simple and well-designed app. Hope start using soon 🙃
Thanks @tim_panov please let us know if you have any questions
Hi I would really want to work with this in Nairobi.
@par_three we have a lot of great hotels that you can recommend in Nairobi. So you have a ​lot of opportunities​. I see you sent me an email so we can keep the communication there and I can help you get started.