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A blog about building your MVP & finding your first customer

Take The Bait is a blog about how profitable startups built their MVPs & found their very first customers.


When building my first product, I was really concerned about how long it would take to build and when would I get my first paying customer, So i asked around and put my findings into this blog. Hope you like it.

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Hi all, my name is Sabba one of the people who this made this blog. Where we were building our first product (www.veed.io), our two biggest concerns where... 1. Are we spending too long building the MVP? 2. How are we going to find out first customers? we decided to do ask other makers about their experience and found it super interesting. We imagined that we were not along, so we decided our findings on a blog. I hope you like, feedback always appreciated and don't hesitate to say hi!
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Great concept @sab8a! We're in the very early stages of creating our MVP and I'm looking to get as much inspiration as possible. Really happy to have stumbled upon this gem.
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@janelledeweerd Great, I am really pleased you like it! Join the mailing list and we will keep you in the loop when we post new articles.
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Great work @sab8a - something i have always been fascinated to understand, especially from some of the bigger startups. Would be great if you could crowdsource some questions to ask the founders.
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@thisdickie Thank you for the feedback, I will try and reach out to some later companies. Add your name to the mailing list and we will let you know when we post new articles.



Decent stories



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Hey Sabba, silly question, really: where is the subscribe button? I can't find it RN (on mobile)...
@hypervillain Hi Hugo, it at the bottom of each article. Or on this link. https://bit.ly/2u3ToWp
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It would be a good one if there were at least 10 stories to read. But I like the hook
@ipstas Hi Stan, Thanks for the comment. We are adding more all the time. If you can know anyone who might be interested then let me know!