Beautiful open source alternative to Basecamp

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Love the Iocaine feature to let your team know you're a bit in over your head.
@stttories yep, that is one of my favourite features too :) See what t-shirt I was wearing today...
@stttories You might also like this video showing the server load during the first hours of sharing the platform with the public. http://goo.gl/B57ERn
@diacritica bad ass. I could use this today.
This is great! Absolutely love it.
Taiga is great for building software but terrible for client facing projects. Teamwork.com has much better permissions structures for a client facing system. But if you are using internal boards with minimal client interaction, Taiga is absolutely fantastic for development. Taiga seems to be going the wrong way in the last few iterations though: WYSIWYG are being shoehorned (think Medium editor) into what were clean Markdown textboxes.

Can be great