AI & ML base chatbots & live chat with video chat & cobrowse

A live chat software with video chat and remote co browsing within your website and mobile apps. Also tagove have inbuild profile management tools where you can manage all your sales and support inquiries to follow them with call, email and in-app message.

AI and ML based chatbots is ultimate feature that Tagove have where it automate lot of chats

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Tagove adds a bunch of functionality for co-browsing and video chat right into a chat box that sites on your website. Pretty neat idea and quite useful to larger companies who have the resources to make use of these 1-to-1 high touch features.
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Thanks @hnshah, you have been very helpful. I’m CEO at @Tagove, that provide next level live chat software for small and large business. We have been working very hard since one and half year to reduce the communication gap between you and your customers. We believe Tagove can make communication, fast, real-time between you and your customers. Whether you want to buy a product or looking for a suggestion, or just want to say hello, live chat on website play an important role. Your customer can easily make a call and do live chat with you whenever they need. One to one co-browsing allows you to give a demo or explain about your product without installing any exacts software.
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Wow! Tagove finally rocked. I have tried co-browsing solution earlier and indeed that is one of the best part. Would love to recommnend others.
@sammakad Thank you so much Sam. We are very thankful to you for your support on product hunt.
Tagove comes with awesome & flexible video-voice call features, along with co-browsing, screen sharing, VOIP, and CRM at one single place.
@devmeghraj Thank you meghraj. backbone of tagove.
Easy set up and use. People easily control of high quality video calling & text chatting for business and also live voice call... Great app ever I seen before..
@ravalnishit Thank you Nishit. You are very humble.
@laduramvishnoi you are most welcome sir
Oh it's my company! Welcome here to all guys. I just want to say that I love the great concept behind Tagove. I am working on ios app, sdk and technical documention. We have added full fledged features in app and sdk as text chat, video, chat, voice chat, screen sharing. So please try @Tagove_ , it's really awesome and cool.
@rajuj6 @tagove_ Thank you so much Raju. iOS geek is always rocking.