The phone system for nomadic entrepreneurs

Just a tip: don't hijack a user's cursor, especially not with something as odd as this:
@joshuapinter For the record, I would've thought this was hilarious, if not for the misshapen pointer finger 0_o
I like the "Tackle Gives Your Business A 1-800 Number That Connects To All Your Phones" pitch more than "The phone system for nomadic entrepreneurs". One solves a clear problem (albeit maybe a bit too dry) vs. one is nebulous.
This is a great designed product from the makers of Help Juice.
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack! @emilhajric and I have been hard at work on it :-)
Love the idea! One problem that I'm trying the solve but haven't quite found one yet. I haven't sign up yet, but would do so if I can find out more about the feature sets.
@jennlo_ We're on live chat & Product Hunt, if you have any more questions
@jennlo_ Hi Jennifer, Emil, the cofounder here! To give you some context into Tackle, we built Tackle because both of our businesses (Helpjuice.com and Promotify.co) were very customer-focused companies, and we wanted to provide a 1-800 number for our customers, but didn't want to use Twilio nor Grasshopper * Why Tackle vs. Grasshopper / Twilio ? * For Grasshopper requires a $500 deposit, and nickle-and-dimes on a lot of things, and set up isn't as straightforward as we'd like it to be. We used Twilio for a while, and calls would constantly break for some reason, and it became VERY unreliable once we had more than 1 international number. Hence, we built Tackle. Tackle takes 60s to get up and running, and you can add 1, 10, or 40 different numbers – it'll all work the same. Further more, with Tackle: -> we are able to provide MORE phone numbers, as we have a few different channels that we work with -> set you with a high-quality, professional custom greeting/voicemail, as we've noticed customers respond well to it (as long as it's not too long). -> give you detailed analytics on your calls, who's calling, and who from your team is spending the most on the phone -> are able to set times when people can call you. (aka no more 3 a.m. phone calls) Those are a few rough ideas on why people have been choosing Tackle, instead of Grasshopper!
Big fan of Help Juice! This looks like another great product