TablePlus is a Native App which helps you easily edit Database data and Structure.

TablePlus currently Supports: PostgreSQL, MySQL, RedShift, MariaDB... High-end security ensured.

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14 Reviews5.0/5

Great app


Easy to use interface and simpler and faster than any pgAdmin or Navicat application.


Some bugs, but development team isvery quick to respond to issues

TablePlus ends up being my favorite SQL tool. SequelPro used to be my favorite but there's no new features since a long time and some bugs are never fixed. I guess that's the difference between a paying and an open-source product ...


Fast, easy to use, standard shortcuts.


None ... Maybe the admin interface for managing licences can be improved but this is not where we spend most of our time on anyway.

The best database client on macOS, thank you so much