TablePlus for Windows

A native GUI tool for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server & more

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TablePlus is a modern, native, and friendly GUI tool for relational database, it makes database management easy.

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Marc-Antoine@marcantoinefon · OMG i dont know
I often think of switching back to windows but a few mac obly Apps available prevents me to do so. TablePlus was one of theses app. glad its on windows now, It is really the best database manager!
Huy Phạm
Huy PhạmMaker@huyphams · I'm Maverick
We are back again with the Windows version of TablePlus: - A native build. - Multiple drivers support MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server… and the others are coming soon. - Built-in SSH, no need PuTTY. - It’s the fastest DB tool with streaming results row by row and async loading. - Intuitive UX/UI with the high-resolution display. - Active development and lifetime support. This is the initial release, more features from the macOS version are coming to this Windows version in the next few weeks, including indexes support, favorite & history for queries, import & export CSV, etc. If you want to read in detail, we have a blog post here:
@huyphams Does this product let you use SQl servers like excel? Edit and add and delete easily?
Huy Phạm
Huy PhạmMaker@huyphams · I'm Maverick
@zbhoy yup, it does
Nate Silva
Nate Silva@natevancouver
This is a really great product. I highly recommend it (Mac version). It’s blazing fast and very powerful. The Windows version doesn’t yet have all the same features but you can see it’s coming. I’ll definitely be giving it a try.
Fraser Smith
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
A lot of developers use Linux. Any plans for support?
Huy Phạm
Huy PhạmMaker@huyphams · I'm Maverick
@frassmith Currently, we don't have any Linux plan, but we will take a look.
Vicki Casey
Vicki Casey@vickicasey
I like this one!