Easily edit database data and structure

TablePlus is a Native App which helps you easily edit Database data and Structure.

TablePlus currently Supports: PostgreSQL, MySQL, RedShift, MariaDB... High-end security ensured.

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16 Reviews5.0/5
Wow. Looks like I have found a perfect Sequel Pro replacement. The UI looks great.
@michael_ptacek thank you, feel free to feedback and request new features 😁
Hi everyone. So glad to be here today. I'm Huy, Maker @TablePlus. The reason I made TablePlus is very simple. I'm a developer and I could not find a good Relational Tool with good UX and Retina support so I decided to made one myself. I have tried different tools before, of course. SEquelPro is a good one but does not support PostgreSQL, has less shortcut keys and still uses open-ssh outside the app, which is not secured (see why Probably the same with many people out there, the last thing I wanna hear about a database tool is "not secured". TablePlus currently Supports: PostgreSQL, MySQL, RedShift, MariaDB... Most importantly, the high-end security ensured. Features: Connection tags: development, product, staging, testing, Highlight syntax SQL, indent SQL, Customize font size, themes (support dark themes), Many shortcut keys, safe mode, lock your production database, quick view, quick open table via spotlight. Road map: Will make plugin for export data and render chart from query, JSON viewer and many more... (Windows version is under developement) Please feel free to ask any questions or give any feedback. I will reply right away even before you know it!
@huyphams How's this different from Toad?
Hi @rajeshpadman, i never try Toad before because I'm Mac user. But I have search google and here somethings: - Toad have an old UI/UX with many buttons and small workspace. - I'm not sure if they have some features like: auto indent, safe mode... TablePlus has plugin feature and this will be main feature in the future. We can create many small tools for database based on TablePlus platform.
@tableplus @huyphams did you check o tried Navicat Premium?
@menjxo Hi, I have tried but Navicat Premium is too expensive (maybe only me OMG 😅) $700 for MS SQL, $300 for PostgreSQL etc ... and it's java app. Personal, I don't like java app because it's starting slowly and eat my RAM.
Looks great! The UI design reminds me of Postico.
@anthonygawonlee Postico is good one but they only support PostgreSQL
Great stuff! Does it work with Windows 10 ,I'm an active user of data,How would I benefit it from this ?
@ayush_chandra sorry but the windows version is under development and not available this time, but we will have soon
@ayush_chandra yeah I want a windows version soon too. My colleague has a Mac and this product looks great on his.
@ayush_chandra just get a mac
@jamescampbell mac is a lovely device but it's highly priced in Indian Markets, the cost is immense to cater it
Looks good any plans for Linux support ? 😄
@oleander29 I know linux is the most popular os for dev but very hard to build good UI without java. if TablePlus success and we have enough resource, we will support it
@huyphams I'm aware 😄 you could build it in Electron or a similar technology 😄 Anyway good look with it 💪🏼
@oleander29 thank but man, I don't have enough RAM for electron because Slack takes it all (an other electron app) - just kidding 😂
@oleander29 @huyphams I would love a Linux version as well and would gladly pay for it as there is not a single well-built Linux Database client. Dbeaver and Datagrip are far from being well integrated into the databases that they can use. I really do miss a Sequel Pro version for Linux and Postgres. Could you please consider using something other than Java and look at something that integrates well with GTK3? I'm already grateful that you're not going to be using Javascript. The world desperately needs better cross-platform options than simply pulling up Chromium or Java. You can run Swift on Linux perhaps and share some logic that way and implement the GTK3 implementation in C++? There also seems to be a GTK Swift wrapper, but I'm unsure about using that.
@andreasbackx Implement in C++ (like sublime text does) is great solution for cross platform but overkill a bit. Swift is open source and will become an cross platform solution soon. I developed TablePlus in Swift, I will research more about this.