Podcasts in bytes.


Start expanding who and what you listen to with podcasts in bytes. Synths are easy to record or import 256 second sound bytes that can be shared as an audiogram and listened to back-to-back.

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Alexey  Buhantsov
Eugene Boltian
Andrey Mamchenko
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  • Pros: 

    Great idea for sharing thoughts and listening to others


    I found some minor bugs, sometimes I needed to prepare my recording but I couldn't record audio in background

    App gives you a possibility to perceive and convey information along with sense of author's presence. You can listen other's people thoughts and find something special to yourself, not only stories or discoveries but real life emotions that you can feel though the voice.

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  • Pros: 

    Synth opens a playful, new approach to podcasting-for-all by breaking it into approachable increments that others can interact with by voice


    Synth lives in a delicate but exciting middle ground between “Voice Twitter” and ”Podcasting-for-all.”

    I’ll tell you about my specific use case: Humor. I’m not a comedian, but I play one in TV (kidding). More seriously... I pose this simple question: Right now, would you rather read a joke on Twitter or listen to an entire podcast of humor? Or, would you enjoy hearing a ‘byte-sized’ audio clip of the comedian using his/her natural voice to tell the joke? I pick the last one. I can think of no better format to tell my ’byte-sized‘ jokes (on the run) than with Synth. I get to use the power of voice to make the joke funny and I get voice interaction from the audience. There’s no real comparison.

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  • Sara Candela
    Sara CandelaEnglish teacher turned podcaster.

    Gets students to interact with each other both in and out of the e classroom. Lets teachers create a real-world experience in a class.


    Needs a more effective way to order pieces of audio recorded for a full podcast, but it will definitely come.

    Synth is going to change the way teachers use audio to not only bring aspects of real-world communication to the classroom, but also will challenge students to listen to each other and interact with their academic subjects in an authentic way.

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  • Darina Dudkevych
    Darina DudkevychLuxury travel expert

    Love it.


    Didn’t notice yet.

    Easy to use.

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  • Dean Hamilton
    Dean HamiltonTech entrepreneur

    A fun way to distill information into a short-form that can easily be discovered and consumed - without losing context and continuity.


    Would be great to have longer transcriptions.

    This product fills a void between twitter and traditional podcasts.

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