Podcasts in bytes.

Start expanding who and what you listen to with podcasts in bytes. Synths are easy to record or import 256 second sound bytes that can be shared as an audiogram and listened to back-to-back.

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    Great idea for sharing thoughts and listening to others


    I found some minor bugs, sometimes I needed to prepare my recording but I couldn't record audio in background

    App gives you a possibility to perceive and convey information along with sense of author's presence. You can listen other's people thoughts and find something special to yourself, not only stories or discoveries but real life emotions that you can feel though the voice.

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    Synth opens a playful, new approach to podcasting-for-all by breaking it into approachable increments that others can interact with by voice


    Synth lives in a delicate but exciting middle ground between “Voice Twitter” and ”Podcasting-for-all.”

    I’ll tell you about my specific use case: Humor. I’m not a comedian, but I play one in TV (kidding). More seriously... I pose this simple question: Right now, would you rather read a joke on Twitter or listen to an entire podcast of humor? Or, would you enjoy hearing a ‘byte-sized’ audio clip of the comedian using his/her natural voice to tell the joke? I pick the last one. I can think of no better format to tell my ’byte-sized‘ jokes (on the run) than with Synth. I get to use the power of voice to make the joke funny and I get voice interaction from the audience. There’s no real comparison.

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Hey Product Hunters! After a recent splash in the education community, we’re pleased share Synth more broadly! Yes, Synth can be thought of as an “Audio Twitter”. Its fully customized for voice with features like back-to-back playback, transcriptions, editing, embedding, etc. Where it gets unique is the added space called “Podcasts”. This can be thought of as either a private discussion space for teams and classes, or a place to stage and release longer listening experiences assembled out of Synth bytes. Check out the article "Perseverance Episode #5: Mark Zeh" for sample of what a Synth Podcast sounds like. The goal of the product is to improve how audio gets discovered and make voice more approachable to new creators. We’re already working on some really cool additions: Full Android support, Alexa skills, “intelligent” import of long format audio files into short sound-bytes, etc. I'll be answering questions here all day. Plus I’ve posted a welcome message in a Synth: Feel free to leave your feedback here or via voice on Synth. Just reply to my welcome message or use the hashtag: #producthunt We look forward to hearing your thoughts! Brian & the Synth team
Hi folks. Yesterday I caught myself listening to one of Synth threads and was completely lost in time. It was the second time for me and this sounds like Synth can be really useful and it can help you to dive into the deeps. It has its own PROS comparing to traditional podcasting. The format is a bit different - it adds a lot of interacting. I'd say it seems to me not an audio twitter but more like next step for podcasting that allows channel owner to involve his listeners, get more feedback from them.
@atmamont Thanks Andrey! Yeah, the threading playback is really fun. I really enjoy this one of everyone introducing themselves to the community:
Like Twitter for voice, with the ability to create long form Podcasts.
@mikeshoss We're trying to combine the discoverability and convenience of Twitter, with the ability to find short and long format listening experiences within it.
Something completely new in podcasting, with a huge potential to become a powerful tool for podcast creators to release as-you-go. That's a place where launching a podcast becomes no rocket science. With it’s handy workspace to produce and distribute podcasts and well-worthy ways for sharing worldwide, it introduces innovative listening experience for folks who are interested in topic or area of devotion. Superior and intelligent design enriches the experience of using the tool!
@ampetra_ Thanks for the thoughts Anna. Near realtime voice is something we're very interested in.
Hi everyone! I feel that somehow with Synth I found a nice place in this big ocean of mediums, social networks and other sources that sometimes are more annoying than useful. That limitation that Synth gives for recording time is challenging and interesting as well because to me it requires preparation and mindfulness. Thus majority of stories and thoughts that were recorded gives some insights, emotions and ideas that worth checking and can be truly expressing and revealing. I think that app has great potential, and can be applied for different purposes and areas. This tool have an ability to communicate thoughts in the ways they can be heard, which to me seems very important.