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Swipes Workspace brings the pieces of team's work in one place. It's a beautiful app to help teams Plan projects, Discuss ideas and Take action on the priorities. It's that simple. No more 10s of apps to dig in, hundreds of open browser tabs and crazy stream of notifications to react on. Just the Workspace.


  • Dustin W. StoutSocial media, design, blogging & coffee.

    UI/UX is gorgeous, cross-platform support is great


    The language philosophy creates a barrier

    I was part of the beta testing for what seems like well over a year. Up until it changed so drastically to this current iteration, I was 100% on board. The UI/UX is best in class, but I was totally lost on the project management language being used. It really feels like it's trying too hard to be "different" and thereby sacrificing the ability for people used to working with project management tools/apps to quickly onboard this new way of looking at things.

    If it were just as simple as creating projects with Tasks and sub-tasks, it would have been a no-brainer. For example:

    - Project

    -- Task

    --- Sub-task

    --- Sub-task

    --- Sub-task

    -- Task

    -- Task

    But instead what we're given are "Plan", "Goals", "Steps", "Milestones"... just feels both overly complex and linguistically unintuitive.

    As I look at this new iteration, it seems that there is an attempt to help this language gap with the onboarding (visual guide).

    It's still just too complicated, taking too many clicks to dig down into the tasks that need to be done today.

    I'm also surprised to see there's no way to add dates or deadlines to items. Am I missing something?

    I hate to be negative--especially on a piece of software that looks better than any other piece of software I've ever seen (and I don't say that lightly).

    At the end of the day, the language choices just didn't make sense to me and I had to abandon it because trying to train myself and my team (US-based) to adjust to this different linguistic choices was too complicated.

    Dustin W. Stout has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Awesome design, simplicity, apps for every major platform, love the UI/UX


    None so far

    I've been using Swipes personal on a daily basis and now that I participated in the alpha/beta of the new Swipes Workspace I can tell you this one is a the real deal

    Pablo VL has used this product for one month.


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Yana VlatchkovaMaker@yanavlatchkova · COO & Co-founder of Swipes
Hi hunters, thanks for having us here! We're super excited to show you what we've been working on for the past 2 years. It's the Workspace - single place to work from with your team. It has built-in communication, notes, plans, and goals of who does what and where are we at. The team and me created this product because as a small company in a growth phase, we were getting massively frustrated by the chaos of work. We were trying to maintain a healthy clear plan of what's going on and often sat in hours-long meetings just to get aligned. We jumped on each and every tool that will help us navigate through assets, people, responsibilities so we had: - Asana, but some didn't like it so they had Trello - We also had Dropbox, but some stuff were stuck in Google Drive because Google Docs was better for online collaboration - We had Evernote for notes, but Paper was sleeker and the designers liked it better - We had Slack with tons of channels, files, and messages buried there because it was faster to get feedback on your work via chat. - And tens of other apps for this & that; You get me! It was a crippling experience of a constant frustration, getting delayed on important things, blaming each other for the misunderstandings and feeling confused about the work. It was impossible to find anything or just catch up on all the places. At one moment, we said that's enough. No more patchwork of tens of tools, integrating bots and gosh what not to stay on top of things. As toolmakers ourselves ( Swipes to-do app, 1m+ users, Webby Award Nominee, featured #1 app on Mac App Store) we set out to create a new integrated experience of teamwork where ideas are flowing, plans are clear and the information is always at your fingertips. Thus, we brought together a bunch of tools that people need most of their time when working: project and task management, note-taking, file storage, communication. We are SUPER excited to show you our product today and bring it in the hands of teams, that suffered from similar to our pains. The team and me are here the whole day to answer any question you may have and jump on discussions, so hit us up. :)
Tomas Laurinavicius@tomaslau · Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Blogger
@yanavlatchkova Impressive and promising :)
Yana VlatchkovaMaker@yanavlatchkova · COO & Co-founder of Swipes
@tomaslau Thank you, Tomas! Hope to make a real impact for teams around the world!
Lyondhur@lyondhur · T&R Project Manager at Weta Digital
Kick-arse team with a winning spirit and amazing releases. Nothing but love and good fortune to the Danish-Bulgarian Swiperoos. Best of luck with the launch guys. PS: awesome video!
Yana VlatchkovaMaker@yanavlatchkova · COO & Co-founder of Swipes
@lyondhur Thank you so much! Really happy you liked our home-made production :D
Stefan Vladimirov@stefan_vladimirov · Chief Creative, Swipes
@lyondhur Hey Lyon! Big kudos!
Alexander Sumin@alexander_sumin · CMO, Co-founder, ClaimCompass
Great job Swipes team - love it!
Yana VlatchkovaMaker@yanavlatchkova · COO & Co-founder of Swipes
@alexander_sumin Thank you, Alex! <3
Irem LopsumMaker@iremlopsum · Front-End Developer at Swipes
@alexander_sumin Thanks! We've been working hard on this. I'm glad you like it.
Stefan Vladimirov@stefan_vladimirov · Chief Creative, Swipes
@alexander_sumin Thank you Alex!
Vasil Enchev@uffou · Maker of Ora.pm - Agile/Kanban/Time
Congrats! Looks awesome! And the video was very funny :D
Yana VlatchkovaMaker@yanavlatchkova · COO & Co-founder of Swipes
@uffou niceeee! Thanks, Vasil!
Stefan Vladimirov@stefan_vladimirov · Chief Creative, Swipes
@uffou Thank you Uffo! We took our time to "perfect every little details" :)
Chris Traganos@ctraganos · VP of Product @ Message.io
Plan, decide, and act - that's what's needed to pull real "next steps" from a sea of daily chat. I struggle in other chat platforms with this concept, in fact it's even worse: Instead of one overloaded inbox with 100's of #channels where people can potentially ask "Hey did you see that thing I asked in that group a few days back?". Converting chatter into real next steps in a collaborative way is without a doubt the trend I'm seeing with Stride and others - our team is super excited to use Swipes now!
Tihomir ValkanovMaker@thinklinuxx · Full stack developer, Swipes
@ctraganos Thanks Chris! Enjoy the workspace!!! :))))
Kasper Pihl TornoeMaker@tornoe · CEO, Swipes
@ctraganos you're the best! thanks for all the love. Hope you and your family are rocking in Austin :D Let me know if I can be of any help for you and your team!
Yana VlatchkovaMaker@yanavlatchkova · COO & Co-founder of Swipes
@ctraganos Thank you Chris! Much love to you!