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Ever since we started developing Swipes back in 2013, we all had the intuitive feeling that one day we want to - and we will - build a team productivity tool. One that is for teams that stay away from unnecessary procedures that hide people’s accomplishments in a pile of documents. And today we launch exactly that. Swipes for Teams is a Slack client that integrates chat and tasks that makes working together as easy as talking to each other. It’s based on the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from two and a half years of developing Swipes for personal productivity, one of the top tools in the productivity space. We know how to make each of team members perform - and we’re bringing that insight to the whole team. Because we understand that people don’t want to adopt yet another software and have to constantly switch between 10 tools per day, we built Swipes for Teams on top of a platform that is already working for 200 000 companies - Slack. We all love Slack! And we’re pioneering the way of extending and delivering work tools on the basis of its successful communication experience. It’s stunningly easy to adopt - just log in with your Slack account and assign a task to a teammate. We’ll make sure he gets it in his Slack. I’d love to hear how Swipes for Teams is working for you!
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Love seeing Swipes evolving into a great tool that makes team productivity thrive. Will be trying this tool soon with Despreneur team, so excited!
@tomaslau Thanks, Tomas, so great to hear your positive feedback!
I love this, but it takes me out of Slack :( I have to have Slack open (I'm on multiple teams) and Swipes open, which causes me to only go to Swipes when I want to set a task or check a task. Also, I'd like to be able to see completed tasks--am I overlooking that somewhere? Love the idea! Seems potentially exactly what I need, at least :) Awesome job!
Looking forward to giving this a try! Right now we use Trello/Slack integration and this seems quite similar... but obviously full integrated - no switching back and forth.
@paul_hq indeed, we're aiming at helping you get stuff done in the same window. hope you enjoy trying it out!
Awesome Job!
@proffi Ivan, thank you! We hope you enjoy and make the best of it!