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Belle Beth Cooper
Belle Beth CooperHunter@bellebcooper · Co-founder, exist.io
This is a really simple task management app but the latest version came with a big update including a killer feature: Evernote integration. I'm actually using Evernote because of this feature. It means I can have a handful of checklists in Evernote that I want to use every time I write blog posts for particular sites, and just pull them in for each new post's task in Swipes instead of typing out the same sub-tasks every time. I wish there was a Mac app though, or a better web app.
Vinay Patankar
Vinay PatankarHiring@vinayp10 · CEO, Process Street, AngelPad Alum
@BelleBCooper Check out our startup http://process.st I use it for blogging checklists all the time. Ping me vinay@process.st and I will give you a free account :)
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
founder of fetchnotes @alexschiff what do you think?
Yana Vlatchkova
Yana Vlatchkova@yanavlatchkova · COO & Co-founder of Swipes
@BelleBCooper - action steps are also coming on the web app in the next few days. The web app definitely needs to catch up on the standards of the iOS ;)
Andrea Grassi
Andrea Grassi@andrea_sdl · Owner & Devel. at Haptime.in
I was looking for something like this. Although the icon is a bit "heavy" (the black isn't very ios-7 like) the interface and the overall behaviour is fantastic. Mailbox for todolist (well, mailbox 'was' a todolist...orchestra). I believe conscious procrastination is one of the most powerful feature. @yanavlatchkova Did the "schedule later" feature was always there? In that case, shame on me for not finding this app before
Alex Schiff
Alex SchiffHiring@alexschiff · Product Manager, Occipital
There's some really interesting stuff in here. I love the Mailbox-style deferral for reminders. It's something we're playing around with too. @Yanavlatchkova, just curious why you chose red for that swipe action? It makes it feel like I'm deleting something. The interactive tutorial is also exceptionally well done. There was some stuff that really confused me though. For example, there seems to be a "quick view" when you click on a task that reveals some buttons, and then a more complete view when you double-click. Why? If I'm going to have to click to get to it anyway, just show me all the info. The benefit of the Evernote integration was lukewarm to me at first, but I can see where @BelleBCooper is coming from. I'm more interested in the team's goals. Are you trying to be "THE" to do list app and go as big as possible (like Any.do), or own the to do list app market for high-achievers that really care about their personal productivity (which puts you into Omnifocus category)?
Yana Vlatchkova
Yana Vlatchkova@yanavlatchkova · COO & Co-founder of Swipes
@BelleBCooper @alexschiff with your comparison to Mailbox, i thought you might be a fan and wanna beta-test our next thing in the lab. You'll able to turn any email into a task with just a swipe. Let me know if want a spot on the Early Beta. :) I don't know if you've seen it but we changed the interactions in the app as you suggested. Now that you tap on a task, it opens with all the extra details. Our mission is to create the command center for personal productivity. This is essentially a hub for all your tasks where through integrations to the tools you already work with - notes, emails, PM tools and cals, we automatically collect your tasks into one place and give you a system to handle them. The Swipes System focuses on helping you make most out of your time. In Swipes: 1. you quickly review a list of all your tasks; 2. you compare the tasks based on their urgency and importance; 3. you swipe left everything that is not important at the moment and you schedule for later everything you need to be reminded of; 4. As a result - you're left with your top priority in the list, the one thing you need to fully focus on right now. We initially built Swipes as an internal team product to help each one of us work on the priority tasks and not get lost in the communication clutter. People around us loved Swipes' simplicity and power so we grew it into a community. We're now expanding it into a leading tool for productivity for the people alike us - the busy and creative, the ones who are aspired to achieve more in their day. Thus the slogan "Swipes -Task list for High achievers". There are still people who love GTD and the powerful tools like Omnifocus. But with our fast-paced digital lives, we believe that more of us are in the need of intuitive smart technologies that teach us productivity behind the curtain/app interface. :)