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#3 Product of the DayAugust 14, 2017

SwipeFile.com is a free "Marketing Swipe File" with 550+ proven marketing copy examples + resources. From print ads, to pricing pages, to formulas, to home pages. If you're ever lacking inspiration, just go to SwipeFile.com, browse through a category, and you'll instantly get inspired by seeing other successful pieces of marketing!

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Do you have a website? Do you sell things? Then having a “Swipe File” is the fastest way to get inspiration. “This is hands down the best copywriting resource I've ever come across.” --Caleb Hodges - Copywriter SwipeFile.com is a collection of 550+ proven marketing copy examples + resources. From print ads, to pricing pages, to formulas, to home pages. SwipeFile.com is Categorized: You want the files to be filed away in their respective categories such as pricing or sales pages. SwipeFile.com is Curated: You only want GOOD QUALITY swipes in each category. How do you know if they're good? By making sure the person collecting the swipes is good. I'm arguably one of the best copywriters on the net right now, regularly do client work 2 times a week, the rest of the time write one of the top copywriting blogs, am part of multiple large businesses running the largest email lists on the net, and I get to see actual results from a lot of pages. This makes me a pretty good curator of content. SwipeFile.com is Cropped: You do not want a giant-ass file of junk to sort through. Once you get past a certain size, your swipe file becomes too cumbersome to search through. Stuff like "1,500 Great Swipe File Pieces PDF" are a popular giveaway, but they are almost useless because they are too big. Looking to make an About Page and curious what some really good examples are? Then checkout the About Page section: https://swipefile.com/about-pages/ Maybe you’re looking to get some inspiration from old school (and new school) print ads? Then check this out: https://swipefile.com/print-ads/ If you’re trying to make a pricing page: The easiest, no-brainer way to structure your pricing page would be to copy others: https://swipefile.com/pricing/ Lots of swipes also include heatmap eye simulations: https://swipefile.com/chivas-reg... Sincerely hope you enjoy this resource! Sincerely, Neville Medhora P.S. It takes time and money to keep this swipe file updated. Since we won't ever be charging for this, all we ask is you kindly share or mention SwipeFile.com to someone who would find it useful. Thank you, and enjoy!
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@neville_medhora this is brilliant. I've seen many people post stuff like this but no one has ever made a filtering system that helps me find much needed inspiration in the moment (for the right thing). Big fan of your emails (always copywriting lessons build in), excited to see you opening this to public!
@nathan_latka awesome, thank you! I've actually had this problem over-and-over for my own clients. I'll be describing how to structure a pricing page or something, and have no examples to clearly show them. This solves my personal problem, and hopefully helps others as well :)
@neville_medhora Great stuff, man! I keep my own private swipe file in Evernote, but yours is beautifully organized, easy to filter, and contains lots of content that doesn't duplicate my own. Thanks for this killer kopy resource! 🤘
@neville_medhora this is awesome Nev! I often like looking at industries outside my own for inspiration. Looking forward to figuring out how to apply the 1966 Regal Whisky ad to one of my SaaS clients ;)
@thetomwhatley bahahha.....actually it's not a crazy question (https://swipefile.io/chivas-rega...). The ad shows how they compared just a $12 bottle to other way more expensive luxurious things. If you have a SaaS that charges $25/mo for service, you can say: -It does all of this for less than the cost of dinner at Whole Foods! -It makes your life easier for less than 2 Rum & Coke's at a bar. -It makes your work faster and costs less than 2 movie tickets. It's called "Price Justification" and your SaaS could DEFINITELY use it :)
Awesome stuff Neville! You never disappoint in putting in a lot of value to anything you make or write.
@navneetjain1407 Why thank you Navneet! This swipe file has already been quite helpful for me to have online in this format, and hopefully it helps you too :)
Great as always Neville. Wouldn't expect anything less from you.
@dgajsek TIL you can put images in Product Hunt comments. How did I not already know this? :-P
Dope Nev. I always read your emails too. I agree with #Nathan Latka. I have a swipe file of all real estate offers from top marketers. Then, I expanded and added other markets (Internet marketing, health and fitness, financial, mobile apps, etc.). These are great tools to model your own page layouts and offers. Thanks for serving others bro. Here are some additional curation tools I have bookmarked for sales copy, email, banner ads, design and logos. 1. http://swiped.co/ (sales pages) 2. http://www.goodemailcopy.com/ (email) 3. http://moat.com/ (banner ads) 4. http://awwwards.com/ (web designs) 5. http://logopond.com/ (logos)
@coryboatright Awesome list Cory, thanks for sharing :)
Uhhhh, man. This is just awesome – I've had this kind of thing building on my Google Drive – shoulda made-a website for it!! Congrats! 🙌 This made it to my Awesome Tools bookmark! :p http://prntscr.com/g8gagg
@darrenwdavis oohhhhh snap, on the toolbar, that's OFFICIAL! Glad ya like it Darren, will continually update with only good stuff, not just a large quantity of stuff :)
@neville_medhora I keep it legit. 😎 haha! Looking forward to checking here on the regular! (hey taking submissions??)
@darrenwdavis Yup! I'm taking submissions for it....send to Neville @ KopywritingKourse.com