Swing Copters

The new game from Flappy Bird's creator (so annoying!)

Dong Nguyen is a marketing genius. I don't play Flappy Birds anymore but it will forever live on page 5 of my iPhone. I wonder if he'll take Swing Copters down from the App Store, too. :) Also, if you love frustration, try Timberman.
@rrhoover either I'm too old or i'm just plain terrible - but it took me 15 minutes to just get past level 1. Dong Nguyen's complex simplicity is what makes him and ultimately Swing Copters a winner.
Flappy bird was the right amount of challenge + frustration. For me, this is too frustrating.
@kchau it's a difficult balance but if I think back, flappy bird also felt too frustrating at the start...guessing the momentum to download/play the app will build when people start sharing their high scores...like this :) http://grab.by/zEoU it's irresistible to try and beat such a measly score.
@kaz but this... this is crazy hard. :) I'm with @kchau on this one.
@frankiewarren we'll see, I've been wrong before ;)
@kchau Give it time, it took me about a day to break the score 10 threshold on FB but after that my score got consistently better over time. It takes a while to acclimate to the physics of a game like this.
@eric_seufert I have no time to give lol.
And we thought Flappy Bird was hard. Welcome to the real world. EDIT: After 5+ minutes of gameplay I can't say with certainty that it is possible to beat the first level. :) Here are some initial thoughts. Your Copter Koopa accelerates in the x-axis and travels linearly in the y-axis. Therefore I find myself tapping way more frequently than in flappy bird, which was just one well timed tap per level. Tapping multiple times per level keeps your speed on the x-axis to a minimum. The margin of error is razor thin and I think most casual gamers will get frustrated before they get addicted. Therefore, it won't be as popular as Flappy Bird, but that was pretty much a given from the start.
The way I figured it out was one tap sends you left and up, two taps sends you right and up, etc. so you have to keep alternating really fast, or you'll hit a wall.nnThe tricky part is keeping track of which direction you're currently headed and knowing when to NOT tap, in order to change your trajectory
@nbashaw I can't logically keep track if the number of taps are even or odd. It needs to be a feel thing... Then again, my high score is 2 so don't take my word for it. :P
Very disappointed. They raised the point of frustration to a level that make the game unplayable. Will get to top ranks because of the buzz but won't get a fraction of the success of flappy bird