Convert email requests into tickets

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I'm a second author of SupportYard. If someone is interested in some technical aspect of SupportYard (dev/devops), just shoot the question here. Thanks for your support!
@_jacksmith This link is not valid any more. Signup form can now be found on our website -
Thanks @antoniorus for sharing! I'm one of the authors of @supportyard and it's a helpdesk web application that converts inbound emails into tickets and keeps all of the replies organized in one place (both replies to contact/client/customer and private replies to your coworkers). We know there are some big players in this area like Zendesk, Desk and others but we believe that we can find our place with our vision of modern support web application. We are still in beta, adding and polishing some features, and our plan is to go live very soon. We would like you to try SupportYard (signup here - and I'll be happy to answer to any of your questions. Cheers! :)
Very nice. Big fan of anything that simplifies ticket handling. Look forward to seeing where this goes.
@gozmike Thanks. We are interested too to see where this will lead us :)
After hard work in past several months it's time to say that we officially launched SupportYard! Everyone interested can signup for a free trial at