Introducing Supergreat! An app that easily allows anyone to create reviews of their favorite beauty products, discover new products from real people, discuss routines, ask questions—all while collecting rewards from the beauty brands they love the most.
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Here's a review of my favorite lotion. 😊 For those that don't know, @danblackman and @tbfaux launched Huddle a few years ago, which later evolved into Supergreat. Curious how you eventually decided to pivot in this direction and what you learned from Huddle that's applied to this app and community.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan and hi Product Hunters! When we launched Huddle a year and a half ago, we had a lot of younger users find the community and start creating groups based not just around things they were struggling with, but also passions and interests that they didn't want to talk about on other social networks; makeup and beauty ended up being some of the most engaged groups. Supergreat began as an experiment to add SKUs to the conversations about products that were already happening on Huddle. Today, Supergreat combines a simple camera that has all the features you need to quickly make a fun and informative video review (fast-forward mode, clip-based editing, stickers, and more) with a comprehensive database of (nearly) every beauty product in the world. As your awesome lotion review demonstrates, everyone is an expert on the products and routines that work for them, and we're excited to invite Product Hunters to come share their tips and discover new products they'll love on Supergreat.
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Just wanted to say this is really interesting. There are millions of reviews of makeup and beauty products on Youtube but it gets lost in a sea of "everything else" Really smart pivot and I can't wait to see it grow.
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@cgnry2 Thanks Craig!
This is really cool! I think the concept makes a lot of sense and taps into a need and growing market. I've done work in various industries and I've noticed as well that makeup/beauty tends to come with super high engagement. Love the branding. Unfortunately, I have an Android so I can't test/use the app but I'm happy to see there's at least some content on the browser version. Good stuff!
@anawang_ Thanks Ana! We hope to ge the Android version out later this year :)
Absolutely love how focussed the product is at serving a particular audience! Love the ability to also purchase products - a great end-to-end process from discovery to use.