Video peer-to-peer support community

On Huddle:

- Join conversations and groups that matter to you most

- Make new friends and support others in your situation

- Be inspired by motivational posts

- Post your stories as anonymously as you'd like

- Be a meaningful part of a community that promotes positivity

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Hi Product Hunters! We are so excited to share a mission driven project Tyler and I have been working on for about 6 months called Huddle. What's the problem we are trying to solve? Finding conversations and getting therapy for many people can be expensive, inaccessible, and a stigmatizing process. There are few online options for people struggling with issues like stress, anxiety, depression, or addiction to quickly ask questions, feel comfortable sharing stories, and receive feedback from real people. Our Idea: We know that in-person peer support groups work. How do we bring the human connection and empathy you get in a real support group setting to your phone? How do we create a community where anyone dealing with anything can quickly open up, and give or receive feedback – as comfortably as they like? Our Solution: We created a video based peer-to-peer support app called Huddle. A social platform that's focused on comfort, safety, and allowing users to pixellate themselves to their comfort. A support group community made up of real people, talking about real things, ready to connect, and support one another on the issues that matter to them.
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@danblackman Congratulations on the launch, Dan! I'm a big fan of your mission and my initial impressions of the app are quite positive. Excited to start using it properly soon :)
@danblackman GREAT concept. Great for suicide and victims of bullying. Is there any incentivizing for those who genuinely just want to help others? You could create a movement here with the right bizdev application. email me :
Love the concept. Beautifully designed app.
@kcolon23 Thanks Kenneth!
Love the concept and the space you're tackling. From a technical standpoint, this reminds me of an app I was working on awhile back called Faceblock, where instead of blurring or pixelating the entire screen, we would use the built-in face detection apis to define rectangular face mask(s), which would then be used to blend the original video stream alongside a filtered stream, resulting in only the face(s) being blurred or pixelated. Here's a screenshot so you know what I'm talking about: Hope this idea helps with future product possibilities!