Superfans by Pat Flynn

Stand out, grow your tribe & build a successful business

I thought I'd practice what I preach & be a superfan of Pat myself & hunt his amazing book on ProductHunt
Superfans is a watershed book in the history of marketing precisely because it doesn't teach you how to market, it teaches you how to serve and deserve
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The great thing about Superfans is its ability to extricate our mindset from the commercial nature of marketing, and to enable us to build real, human, and lasting relationships with 'customers.' Customers (read: believers/worshippers/evangelicals/superfans) who will go 10 extra miles for us because we went 1 extra mile for them. 'Superfans' is a watershed book in the history of marketing precisely because it doesn't teach you how to 'market', it teaches you how to serve and deserve.
Pat’s core audience has always been solopreneurs, but this book is hugely applicable to all startups, specifically SaaS. Growth (the systems engine through which your business grows) is moving WAY down the funnel due to explosive competition top of funnel and rising associated CAC. Retention and *systematic* customer advocacy are now probably more critical than any awareness, acquisition and conversion tactics, and this book gives great advice on how to navigate, and capitalise on this part of the funnel. Highly recommended reading. Great job Pat 👏
Amazing as always. I’m a huge fan of Pat Flynn! His podcast and books helped me succeed as an entrepreneur. Big upvote from the whole RocketLink Team!
I've read SuperFans back to front already. I'm not a big reader, more of an audio book guy, but I honestly couldn't put this book down. Throughout, I caught myself saying out loud... "Yes!!" "Exactly!" I only wish a book like this had existed earlier in my entrepreneurial journey. If you are an entrepreneur of ANY type, this is a MUST read. It contains not just awesome business/marketing advice but could be considered some pretty solid LIFE advice. I've I could click Upvote 1,000,000 more times I would.
I am a fan of Pat Flynn and the SPI team for a very long time.What I love about his work is how honest and authentic he is.In this online world full of get rich quick schemes,his words make a lot of sense.If we forget the trees looking at the forest ,then we miss our true fans while trying to grow our audience.In this new book Pat gives you an insight into how to find , recognize your fans who will become your superfans.Look after the audience you already have.Excellent advice and the book is a must read.