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Hi, we've posted an article on Medium about why Suparise is the most reliable Instagram automation bot in 2020:
As far as I know Instagram policy is against such bots and could get your account suspended (correct me if I'm wrong)
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@baidoct I believe this is true and this is how a lot of accounts get shut down. Instagram has upped their game when it comes to bots and will shadowban you.
@baidoct but there is an article linked in @maker post as to why it's safe
@baidoct No you're right. Instagram has been fighting bots for a long time now and a bad bot will definitely get you blocked for a few days, or suspended if you keep on abusing (using a bad bot, buying fake followers, spamming with comments etc...) It's all about limits, some bots will try to grow your account too fast and do too many actions per day, that's no good. We chose to go the safe route, our bot doesn't do too many actions per day so that it's not suspicious. Therefore the growth is not extreme, but it's pretty good and stable on the long run. There's more info on this Medium article we posted recently:
@baidoct @maker exactly! thank you @ni_e_sha for your comment :)
@baidoct Yes, absolutely right: IG bots are forbidden by IG's t&c. But growing an IG account is a full time job for a marketer and especially in a startup/one man show you don't have time for that. An IG bot when used carefully, with moderation, politeness and common sense, targeting the right people that are really interested in what you offer, is a good tool that can offer valuable content to the people that you are targeting and save lot of time to marketers.
The thing is what does this company offer in terms of a fail safe plan? If anything goes wrong since you can potentially get your account banned / suspended (especially if you've been banned in the past) what is offered in terms of security? Because all this is is a glorified bot in reality.
@lucas_yaknow According to their policy – nothing. "Suparise is not liable in any way, shape or form in case: (a) of account suspension, block, ban and/or content removal by Instagram; (b) for any damages or harm to you, your business or your social media pages. It is the User’s sole responsibility to know, understand and stay informed of Instagram’s terms of use at any time. Suparise cannot guarantee continuous uptime or availability of the Service since Suparise uses the internet to deliver the Service."
@lucas_yaknow It's a good point to mention — as @fijalkowskycom quoted above, Suparise is not liable.
Be super careful with Instagram bots as Facebook is bringing down the hammer hard.
Hi Claire! Stable growth on IG is definitely what some marketers may need, even in times with strict anti-bot policies. I've had a look through the website, and am loving the clean design. I thought I'd add a few feedback comments offering suggestions on streamlining usability. Please find them here: Have a great day! :)
@christian_piponides thank you very much for your detailed feedback :) I'll reply on the link you put Side-note though: it's not the right tool for marketers who handle many accounts at the same time, our service is for 1 account / computer. If you need to handle multiples accounts you need a different tool.. or an army of computers (and IPs)