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What they're doing with calendar is neat. I hope a lot of providers will connect to the platform to make it THE calendar.
@troblous I completely agree! I love Sunrise.
We're about to release the Product Hunt API (signup for access here) and would for someone to integrate with Sunrise in some creative way.
@rrhoover Maybe your hunts from each day, or the general top hunt? Someone will probably build and hunt that within an hour of the two being released :)
@lachlanjc @rrhoover My hunts + Top3 of the day would be interesting. This way I can follow up my hunts and directly go to the best ones.

news on the api access :)
Creative idea for Sunrise hackers Develop an appointment/booking widget works seamlessly with sunrise. It'd have the best UI among the booking softwares.
**please someone integrate Pivotal**
@kennethacohen Git commits on calendar will beat our hipchat integration - nicer to look at and see devs commits side by side!
@bendrucker Good call! Happy to collab if you end up working on it
What I'd like is a reminder, at a time I can set, for setting aside an hour to review new posts on producthunt, etc. Extra reminder options for the Tuesday podcast, etc.