View sunrise and sunset times for any location on earth, for any date, all displayed in a beautifully simplistic UI.

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Hey @macca895, What made you want to build this app?
Hi @jacqvon. A combination of a number of things. Firstly, this is the first app I have released in the Google Play app store. For my first app release, I wanted a project that was relatively simple and achievable, and would function in a mostly offline environment. Secondly, I like to be aware of sunrise and sunset times so that I can run in daylight, but I wasn't in love with the design or UI of any of the apps that I found on the app store, and wanted to fix that. A combination of those two things plus wanting to start building a presence in the app store as a developer is what made me want to build this app.
Love the look of the app will it be coming to iOS?
@chrislowthian it will be! Unfortunately not until later this year though :(
@macca895 I'm sure it will be with the wait thanks!