Summit Day Planner

Tasks + Calendar in one flexible daily planner for iOS. ✅🗓️

This is *not* just another to-do list app: Fully-integrated calendar client, events can be completed like tasks, drag & drop tasks and events to the week or month calendar to reschedule, checklists on events, powerful repeat, notes tab and lots more...

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Hi, I'm Kyle, and I'm addicted to productivity apps. :) Since I launched Strides (goal & habit tracker) five years ago, I've gotten tons of requests for adding tasks and calendar integrations. Strides already consolidates goals & habits in one place, so it would have been way too complicated to add all that to it too. So, for the last 10 months, Ben and I have been building a new app with one goal in mind: To build a simple, yet flexible app for planning your day, with all the pros of Tasks AND Calendar Events, combined. Unique features: - You can swipe your tasks complete, so why not your events? Swipe them away too! It feels great. - Enable Show Completed if you want to see a report of what you've done for any day. - Drag & drop your tasks in any order, regardless of priority, even between scheduled events! - Drop a task or event on any day in the week or month calendar to reschedule it. - Select as many as you want to reschedule them all in one fell swoop. - You can even grab a subtask, then go back and drop it on the Planner to create a new task. - Add a checklist to an event, say for a packing list or things you want to remember for a meeting. See what we're going for here? We're blending the two worlds together, melding the best parts of each into the other. As for pricing, we decided to make it free to download, with an optional Pro plan that unlocks iCloud Sync, Checklists on Tasks, Events & Notes, and Flexible Repeat (so tasks get the same awesomeness you're used to with events, like MWF or Every 3 months on the 3rd Tuesday). We did a Beta with almost 1,000 people and it went great, and we just released v1.0. Planned: - Siri - Apple Watch - Mac - Collaboration - Files - Labels & Smart Lists - Integrations - Lots more, prioritized based on votes in our feature request forum. Hope you like it as much as we do. We'll be around if you have any questions!
Absolutely love it however would have loved it even more if I could set time and duration etc by typing directly into event name field rather than fIddly in Fantasticlal app or Newton calendar. Is this in the pipe line?
@thestorywolf Awesome, thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it. Yeah, natural language is on our feature request forum. Feel free to vote on it, and anything else you’d like to see, in the app (Account tab > Vote on Features) to help us prioritize our roadmap.
Love the idea behind this. I did encounter a lot of crashes though. One thing I’d love to see is a way to attach an email to something. I currently use Newton for emails and that basically becomes my task list through snoozing of important emails or requests.
@itsthisjustin Thanks Justin! Sorry you saw crashing. Our crash-free rate is over 98% for v1.1, and it should be higher with the next update. Attaching an email is a cool idea. Feel free to add it to our feature request forum so other users can vote on it.
"Planned: Android" ?
@steve1215 We built this app using Apple’s CloudKit for sync and EventKit to manage the major calendar services, so we won’t be able to build an Android version directly. But, our plan is to see how it goes on iOS and if it seems like it’d be a good investment (we know iOS, but we’d have to hire someone to build an Android app) then we’ll create a separate Android app with the same features but a fully-custom Android experience.
When will Mac OS version be out? I love to see "File" feature with your app. It seems like that's what is missing from the app.