Remember the books you read through organized notes 📚

The most important part of reading is remembering, and yet we so often finish a book and never think about it again.
How many times have you been asked about the last book you read only to realize you don't have an intelligent answer? Now, you always will.
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Hi Product Hunt, I'm a recent college grad who loves designing and coding--and this is my first launch! I've been trying to read more lately, but I've realized that after I finish a book I rarely take the time to synthesize its key points or mentally prepare a summary to share with my friends/family when they ask what I've been reading. And once it's been a while, I have trouble remembering pretty much anything useful about the book at all (main characters, key themes, lessons to incorporate into my own life, etc). That's why I built Summarize (first just for myself, now for all of you!), a super simple app to help you actively remember what you read by providing you a single place to write out your thoughts and insights for your entire library. I'm happy to answer questions and I'm always open for feedback!
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@alexgerrese Hey I think this idea is great. I always feel great when I finish a book then I get asked a question and don't remember a thing. lol. I will for sure check it out. Very cool. And congrats on the first launch.
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@alexgerrese Thats the great idea. The app will be very useful for me. Do you have an android app or plan to do it?
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@irresistibl Only iOS for now, sorry about that!
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downloaded it and it doesn't recognize any book or any author when trying to add books
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@kenny_lauer Sorry about that! I’ve just released a fix in an update and everything should be working now!
Great concept @alexgerrese but the search is not working. I cannot add any books.
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@inayali Sorry about that! I’ve just released a fix in an update and everything should be working now!
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I'm glad you got a lot of traffic on this product today! I'm close to switching to your app instead of keeping my little Notes list, but I would love the ability to add books manually instead of using the search/scan function. Would assist with tracking comics and books in other languages!
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@bansini Check out my new update—this feature is now included! :)
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@alexgerrese thanks for being so proactive with adding features! It feels great when a maker hears you out :)
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