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Not everyone has the time to read a whole book, add notes, and draft them up onto their computer.
With Summa-Rise you get access to all my notes from popular books such as Deep work or Getting Real.
Heres one of my notes:
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Very cool idea!
Hey PH, For a while now I have been making notes whenever I read books. I do this because it allows me to re-enforce my learnings on the go without having to reread the entire book. After getting numerous requests to share my notes (I like to send people small chunks of my notes as teasers 😅). I decided to build Summa-Rise (Summaries + the fact I read in the mornings) with the intention of: 1. Funding my next set of Books 📚 2. Helping you save time and learn faster without suffering from all these algorithmic summary bots 😭 I hope you guys enjoy the free post on Getting Real 👋🏻
@kameron_tanseli Hi Kameron, interesting idea. What is your expected timeframe for reading a new book and condensing the notes to send on? Do you have a list of upcoming titles you're going through?
@emilyjsnowdon Hi Emily, I normally get through a book and make notes every 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the book. For example I am nearly finished with the Tribe of mentors which has over 13 pages of summarised notes 😵(its a 673 page book). You can see upcoming books here:
@kameron_tanseli Awesome thanks Kameron. Down the line do you anticipate taking recommendations or crowdsourcing books to summarise?
@emilyjsnowdon Paying members can recommend books already (link is on post-checkout screen) 🙆‍♀️ I'm working on a hosted Notion Kaban board so people can create and view which books I'm reading / making notes on as well.
Congratulations on your launch!!
Congrats on the launch! I actually subscribed to Blinkist for awhile so will give you a shot and see how you differ :) Btw hope i'm not being intrusive, but if you're trying to learn about your market I actually launched a service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question and then follow-up based on how they answered and even interview them at you could test pricing e.g. "Would you pay $5 for a summarized book delivered to your email once a month?" And see if the pain point is mostly with young males, etc. Anyway just thought it may help, if you decide to give it a shot I'll pass you $12 free credits just let me know :) Best of luck with Summa-Rise!