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Accept card payments on your phone

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Hey there! I'm really into e-commerce these days and obviously I get tons of recommended ads in this field everywhere I go on the internet. That's how I discovered Sum up. I really like how simple and clean the product looks. It may inspire some of you and could be useful for others :)
@syswarren it should work in the US as it's for debit and creditcards. It's super interesting because there are not a lot of solutions that accept the "Maestro" card, which is the standard European Debit card.
@syswarren sumup is an international product its already present in many countries outside europe (brazil, russia...) and its backed by american express, groupon...
@cherifmahiedine @syswarren Thanks for confirming it works in the US, did one of you test it?
@syswarren SumUp is not available in the United States, as of now. We're still a start-up though, so who knows :)
I had the chance to test it with Atelier St Loup ( As a client, the user experience is nice, you can receive the payment receipt by email or sms :)
Looks interesting and the fees seems smaller than anyone else, no ?
@antoineplu Payleven seems cheaper if you're doing anything above £5k / month. Available in 11 markets, all outside the US, mainly EU. The card reader seems different, but also cheaper as one-off cost.
@antoineplu The fees are amongst the lowest in Europe, if not the very lowest. The card reader is indeed different from Payleven's as @sandersaar mentioned — not only we built it ourselves, it's shipped with both cable and Bluetooth LE (no pairing) and has longer battery life.