Sublime Text 3 will help you edit your code easily and fast! Get it once and it can be used on all of your computers no matter if they are Mac, Windows or Linux. This development editor tool comes with features, that once you get used to, you will never want to work without.

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Title should be: Sublime Text 3 (OMG UPDATE)
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I agree that the title should be updated — at the very least to "Sublime Text 3." For all you Sublime Text lovers out there, if you haven't already tried out Spacegray theme, check it out. It's beautiful.
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@fhinson Thanks for this, this theme is gorgeous.
Sublime Text 3 just had their first update in 8 months, sidebar icons! Changelog:
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@imkevinxu It's not the final release though, Sublime Text 3 is still in beta
It baffles me that the guy who makes ST3 is so bad at keeping it current. He had such an opportunity when the TextMate guy quit and pushed it open source. And he totally dropped the ball. Luckily Atom came in and made something great. Brackets is a good alternative too. I haven't used it in a while but it used to be pretty clunky
I hope this is the first in the series of regular updates. Atom didn't quite do it for me, and I'm happy Sublime isn't completely abandoned.
@stalkdanny try Atom again! I love it now
@Superpencil_ What changed that made you love it now, as opposed to earlier on?
@stalkdanny before it just crashed all the time and there were no packages yet to install and change the behaviour for me, now there are tons of them and the app if very stable, I really enjoy the Git-changes markings and the theme I use if very clear (Seti) it even has little MAMP logo's for PHP files (which is what Sublime only just added to 3). I have changed the behaviour of closing tags etc to be like coda. And most of all; The Settings view is just so incredibly user-friendly compared to the awkward editing of a JSON file in Sublime to change packages etc, using Coda feels more toy-ish now, and sublime just looks and feels a little rickety. I've been on Atom for 3 months now and very happy!
@Superpencil_ Alright, you convinced me to give it a try? How about performance? Sublime always felt a lot more performant to me (even on my iMac 27" machine)
@stalkdanny Well every package you install lists how much slower booting and opening new tabs is going to get, so you're in full control of that (2011 macbook pro 4-core with 40+ packages is 3 seconds over here to boot, hope that helps). Make sure you get a good theme like Seti or Base16 Ocean