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#ProductHuntReview: Really easy and straightforward on boarding. Really digging the UX and can't wait to play with it more to test it out even further.
I like the way it works but there appears to be a maximum length, so it doesn't work with most of my videos
Stuttr is a one-of-a-kind video editing app that allows you to "time-shift" your videos back and forth. Bring new life to your videos with the simple tap of a button. Transform your everyday actions into something spectacular.
Hello Product Hunters, Co-maker of STUTTR here. First we would like to say thanks to Jack Smith for hunting us! The Munkee team and I extremely excited to share STUTTR with all of you. I'll be here all day to answer your questions and get feedback. So why STUTTR? We’ve seen billions of photos shared on InstaSize ( and noticed that people weren’t sharing videos at the same rate. We understood that creating an entertaining video wasn’t easy to do. Not everyone has the time to edit a video on a desktop. So our goal was to make any video awesome and the process of editing it, simple. STUTTR lets anyone create 15 seconds of beat bouncing bliss by just tapping a button until your thumb screams. How does it work? 1. Choose any video (even the boring ones will work). 2. Choose a song from your library that complements your video. No music? No problem. Use one of our exclusive tracks. 3. Start recording and use the STUTTR button to shift your video back and forth to the beat of the music. 4. Once you are satisfied with your edit, you can save and share your video. To truly understand what STUTTR is and how it works, you will need to experience it for yourself. So please download the app and tell us what you think. Also feel free to send us the STUTTR videos you create. :)
@jwillfabela I think none of the coders who know how to work with video know that iOS creatives enjoy apps that can record digital audio using Inter-App Audio (IAA) and so we have a lot of apps which can do cool effects with video but can only import songs from iTunes.
Sounds like it has some similarities to Mindie, an app that @john, @sammy, and the Shots team are bringing back (see @joshconstine's article). Will download now!
@rrhoover The only similarity with Mindie,, and apps like them is the combination of video and music. STUTTR is unlike any other app in the app store in that the effect it can create makes almost any video entertaining. Thank you for your feedback. Please let me know what you think of the app. :)