Structured 1:1 Meetings by Leapsome

Meetings for great managers (integrated with Gmail & Slack)

Leapsome now provides a powerful solution to manage 1:1 meetings with any colleague. Create talking points during the week (via our web app or Slack and Gmail integrations). Get an up-to-date meeting agenda delivered to your inbox right before your meeting. Keep track of meeting results and next steps and view previous meeting results at any time.

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Hi Product Hunt! I’m Kajetan, one of the founders here at Leapsome. We’re excited to officially launch our 1:1 meeting module for fast-growing companies today. We’ve built this module to enable managers become more effective coaches and help you use your precious meeting time more effectively. As managers, we all know the situation: An important thought you want to discuss with a colleague crosses your mind - but when the meeting happens, that thought is gone. Not any more: Simply create a “talking point” via Slack, Gmail or our web interface and get a reminder with an up-to-date agenda right before your next meeting. During the meeting, you and your colleague can summarize meeting results. And of course you can check back on these meeting results later. We’re already integrating this feature with our feedback and goal tracking module to help you become an even better manager. Check it out at - we’re here to answer your questions and are happy to open a demo account for you! Kajetan
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This is a great idea. And the kind of big-company problem the startup space really under-appreciates as an issue.
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@trcull Thanks Tim! I've just sent you an invite in response to your request. Let me know if you want to schedule a quick call so I can walk you through the platform. Looking forward to your feedback!
It uses the same logo as Freelancer