Strive Minutes 2.0

A simple, distraction-free meditation timer with intervals

Welcome to Strive Minutes 2.0. Introducing:
- Intervals - we have tried to keep these very visual and intuitive
- Journals - for a qualitative log & timeline of your sessions
- Google Fit Sync
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Looks amazing! I'd buy the crap out of this if there was an iOS version.
@chuckmeister9 Thank you. Now that the app is at a place where we are not actively looking to add new features or tweak too much, and looking at the response we have received from our small community of users, we are definitely thinking of and talking about working on a version for iOS.
Hello, We released Minutes 6 months ago as a simple, beautiful timer for people who would like to build a meditation habit or simply keep a log of their meditation history. Minutes always was meant to be simple and minimal with a focus on keeping the UI free of fuss and frills. Following the same guidelines but expanding the offerings we recently released Minutes 2.0 which includes: a) An interval timer with both equal and custom intervals. We have tried to keep this feature very visual and intuitive. b) An option to journal experiences for a more qualitative log of sessions. We have found that it helps to catalogues experiences and struggles to get a better idea of our progress. c) Integration with google fit - a much debated enhancement, but one that we felt was important for users who use more than one meditation app; Integrating with Google Fit allows them to see all their meditation history in one place This is an app for people who have some experience with meditation. In our own meditation journeys we have found that though guided meditation can be a very good launchpad, they can also become a crutch, and eventually we need to simply sit with our thoughts with no external interruptions to progress. We have tried to keep the UI free of distractions, providing only the essentials to ensure that we don't get tangled up in options and gamification. Minutes has been made with a lot of thought and love and we are always open to feedback and hearing from our users. You can write to me here or mail at Thank You
How is it different from
@olivia_rain Hello, from my understanding of Calm, they curate and create audio content (stories, sounds etc) which act as mindfulness exercises. Minutes on the other hand, is simply a timer, a timer that does a lot of things like maintain and sync stats, silence your notifications, provide a journal to log your experiences, has intervals etc; but at its core it is a timer. The reason why we made Minutes was because in our personal experience, in the beginning of our meditation journey, we found apps with guided meditations and ambient sounds and mindfulness exercises very helpful. Eventually though, the guided meditations proved to be more of a crutch and we were not able to focus and sit for the same duration without that guide. Also, with any interface that gave multiple options of sounds or background audio or bells and images, we found ourselves constantly fiddling and experimenting with those, detracting from the purpose of the app. The hunt for a simple timer app mostly resulted in either not very aesthetically appealing ones (call us vain) or lacking DND or ones that did not maintain stats, sync etc. I am someone that documents obsessively and am motivated by looking at my progress. Hence, Minutes.