Strive Minutes

A simple, distraction-free meditation timer

Minutes is a simple, beautiful, meditation timer for android.
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Hello, A tool that assists with meditation should be distraction free and simple. We made Minutes for ourselves, mostly out of necessity. We looked at the android market for a simple timer, that worked when our screen was asleep, that silenced everything during a session and that maintained some basic statistics (statistics we did not lose due to a crash or change of devices). We also wanted it to be beautiful and calming as a meditation app should be. No full-frills UI and options to distract from the aim. We needed the app to not have any Social aspect or distractions like different sounds and themes to choose from, ability to chat with people, excessive gamification for encouragement. These work very well to motivate some, especially at the beginning of their meditation journey but will distract others and possibly detract their focus. Minutes is new, and we are always open to any reviews, suggestions and comments, here or via email at Thank you !
Is it available for iOS?
@pranav_pai_vernekar Hello Pranav, not right now, no. Once we get enough traction and interest though, we will develop for iOS as well. Also, the app has gone through a few iterations in the 2 months since launch. When we settle on a version we are completely satisfied with, we'll take it to iOS and tablets and wearables. We want it to have relevant features but don't want to fall into the trap of adding more and more, so before adding something new, we take it to our small community of serious meditators and kind of go back to the drawing board to work through if they are really needed. :)
Can I use this without creating a user account? I don't need cross-device support or data backups.
@lillach_i Hi Lilach. We have had a couple users ask us the same thing and we are working on a "use without signing in" option. You can expect it in the upcoming updates.